How to get 20% more productivity from food

Sounds good doesn’t it? Almost impossible perhaps. But the WHO (World Health Organisation) say that adequate nutrition can raise productivity by 20%. In reality that’s a fifth of a working week, so consider if you have a team you manage with 5 people in; by providing a supportive atmosphere with health as a focus, in a year you’ll potentially gain back 260 days; which is about a whole working year.

So what is considered as adequate nutrition? Aside from our five a day (packed with the vitamins and minerals we need to stay on top of our game), it’s important to keep the following in check:

  • Quick snacks with lots of hidden sugars, that can lift us up fast but lead to the dreaded 3pm lull
  • Staying hydrated – it’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re staring at a screen all day, but chances are if you’re not hydrated you’re more prone to headaches and lack of focus
  • Eating breakfast; without good fuel first thing, not only are we more likely to grab for sugar mid-morning, we’re also less likely to be able to be super productive through till lunchtime.

When it comes to fuelling our productivity, simple daily habits can make all the difference. If you’re looking to give your team some nutritious inspiration to drive productivity, get in touch to discuss the group workshops I’ve seen make a real difference to my clients.